The Jom Cari Kiah idea came when we realized that there was no online portal that provides exposure to the micro and small business owners, the Kiahs. These are your daily and regular heroes, the ones behind the scenes who wake up super early to open their shops and stalls to serve us and to close late in the evening to earn a decent income and respectable living.
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Our team understands that most business owners, the Kiahs, are affected badly due to the COVID-19 pandemic, specifically during the country's MCO (Movement Control Order).

There are many online portals such as e-Bazaar and e-Commerce that put more focus on the products/services. It is rare to put the business owners, the Kiahs in the spotlight. We connect the consumers to the products/services by highlighting the stories and achievements of the business owners or Kiahs. The consumers will be able to understand the Kiahs' struggles and sacrifices made to ensure their businesses survive and stay relevant.

Jom Cari Kiah is not only a digital marketing medium for business owners but also a repository of inspiring stories from different entrepreneurs across different industries.

If you have any inquiries, do reach us at or call us at 03-8408 2112. Please ask for Shah or Anitha. They will be happy to assist you.